About the Groomers

Victoria Franchi De Alfaro

20 yrs Experience • Certified Groomer • Animal Lover

Born and Raised in Miami,Certified Groomer, Vet Technician, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist and all around animal lover. Victoria has been in the Veterinarian field since she was 15 yrs old.Victoria worked as a vet. Tech, for many different Doctors In South Miami, from convention medicine to Holistic practices. She is a Certified Aromatherapist, as well as a reiki practitioner. She has combined all her years of experience, knowledge and passion to create Organic Paw. Victoria creates Shampoos, derived from organic components, to treat or pamper your pets within our spaw. She continues her education through seminars and conventions always looking for ways make our furry friends more comfortable within the grooming experience. Victoria understands the stress involved in grooming and wants to provide an environment that is simply stress free.She specializes in all breeds, she loves our senior pets. She is kind, professional and always willing to help.

Michelle Mas

12 yrs Experience •  Groomer • Artist

Born and Raised in Miami, Bachelor in Graphic Design, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and The Feline specialist. Michelle by trade is an Artist, but also a Mad scientist and a lover of all pets. Michelle has been trained under the wing of Victoria for over 15 yrs. Co-owner of Organic paw, Michelle & Victoria launched their 100% All Natural & Organic Shampoo line to create a full experience through the organic paw. Michelle does continuing education through seminars and conventions as well. She is a lover of all breeds, but has a soft spot for Boston terriers and Chihuahuas, and loves all cats!


Organic Paw, MIami, FL, United States

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